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The Future Of Yoga Teaching

Immersive experiences, on-demand resources and daily guidance for students anywhere in the world

Step into a horizon of vastly expanded possibilities

Technology is enabling teachers to reach large numbers of students in the comfort of their own homes and offer them significantly enhanced learning experiences

Online Courses
Online courses are a great way to share specific teachings or sequences with any number of people with ease.
Nurture your growing tribe and keep students moving forward with regular content they can access from anywhere at any time.
Give your tribe an inspiring hub where they can interact with you and each other in the safety of your own teaching portal.
Group Coaching
Guide and support groups of any size through structured programmes of practice and growth lasting days or months.

And these four are only the main options. Add to these podcasts and newsletters, live-steam classes and 1:1's, and think about combining all these elements into carefully structured immersive learning experiences, and you'll get an idea of what Yoga Teaching 3.0. can offer students.

The Evolution Of Yoga Teaching

In the beginning yoga was a spiritual practice passed on directly from teacher to student over long years of daily instruction. Most teachers would have a only handful of students who lived with them and were closely guided through a gradual development. This was the way of things for most of the 3000 years of yoga's known history.
Let's call this Yoga Teaching 1.0.
Then in the mid 20th century this situation changed radically as yoga arrived in the West. Most western students didn't want a full-time yoga education, and many weren't interested in the deeper spiritual dimensions of the practice. So teachers adapted. Yoga was largely transformed from a way of life to a form of exercise. The local bi-weekly yoga class was born. And yoga emerged as a global wellness phenomenon.
Let's call this Yoga Teaching 2.0.
Nowadays another evolution is underway. Yoga is once again becoming a way of life –a 'lifestyle medicine'– for significant numbers of students around the world. And thanks to the internet and platforms such as Kajabi, teachers can now create immersive online learning portals through which to reach these students in the comfort of their own homes, using multiple digital touchpoints to guide and support them day-by-day along structured paths of practice and growth.
This is what I call Yoga Teaching 3.0.
I find it wonderful that yoga teaching has turned a full spiral and now teachers can offer a level of daily support and guidance comparable to that of yoga's ancient past – but to anyone anywhere in the world!

Yoga Teaching 3.0. is a way of teaching that's as flexible and rich in possibilities as yoga itself


Imagine this:

Sarah, one of your yoga students, wakes up early, has a shower and gets ready for her morning practice. 
She opens your teaching portal app on her phone, connects her phone to her smart tv, and casts this week's practice video on to her big screen. The 1-hour session guides her carefully through an asana, pranayama and meditation session, setting her up for the day ahead.
Next she prepares her breakfast and checks her emails, amongst which is a short one from you containing a daily inspiration and an invitation to this evening's livestream chanting circle and this weekend's upcoming online meditation retreat - both of which she has access to as a member of your online school.
Again she opens your teaching portal, this time through her tablet, and posts in your online community about how excited she is about attending the meditation retreat and asks the group for advice on how best to prepare for it.
Reading her post you make a note to send out an email to your whole group on how best to prepare for the retreat, and then you reply to Sarah's question inside your community area. She receives notification of your reply as well as the replies of several of her fellow students. 
Later in the morning she's feeling a little sleepy and needs a pick-me-up, but instead of making a coffee she once again opens your teaching portal and selects a 5-minute guided pranayama practice from your library of resources, which nicely refreshes her body and mind.
Later still she has some time to relax in the afternoon so she goes again to your resource library and selects a 30-minute yoga nidra.
By the time evening comes she's in a lovely space ready to join you and 80 others for half an hour of OM chanting.
Just before bed she opens your teaching portal one last time to tune in to a short guided meditation on gratitude before slipping off to sleep.

That's just one version of Yoga Teaching 3.0.

Other versions include more structured courses, more intensive coaching programmes, more specific outcomes.

The possibilities are vast.

You can shape your own version any which way to suit your own teachings and the needs of your particular audience.

And the revolutionary thing is that once it's set up it's logistically as easy for you to have 10, or 100, or 1000 students enrolled in your school.

That means that you can offer your resources to your students for a very reasonable price while skyrocketing your own earning potential.

That's why I specialise in helping yoga teachers and studios offer Yoga Teaching 3.0.

The benefits for both students and teachers are wonderful

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