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If you're a yoga teacher looking to thrive online, who's ready to create their virtual yoga school and embrace the abundance and soul satisfaction that comes from serving big –
I'd love to help you.

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Most people come to me in one of two situations:

1. You're completely new to what I call Yoga Teaching 3.0. and need help getting started from the ground up.

  • You feel a little uncertain about the whole online thing and don't really understand the possibilities clearly, but you know something's going on and don't want to miss the boat.
  • Either you have a fairly basic, static website or no website.
  • You're not set-up to offer digital products.
  • You're teaching a fairly small group of students – either in person locally or via Zoom.
  • You generally feel like you're not attracting enough students and would like to find more.
  • You're not making as much money as you would like from your teaching and can't see a way to significantly increase your income by doing what you have been doing.
  • You have either a part-time or a full-time job in addition to yoga teaching but would like your teaching alone to be able to support you financially.

2. You've been trying to set up for Yoga Teaching 3.0. on your own but aren't seeing the results you want.

  • You have a clear idea of the possibilities online teaching affords and know that you want a piece of that action.
  • You're frustrated and exasperated from what feels like way too long trying to go it alone and not getting anywhere.
  • You've spent months or longer getting hi-jacked by technical problems trying to make all the moving parts of a piecemeal digital infrastructure work together.
  • You're spinning from going around in circles with one marketing strategy after another.
  • You don't even really know your audience or how specifically you want to help them.
  • You're not reaching enough students.
  • You're not making enough money and are thinking you might have to give up on the whole idea of teaching online.

If either one of these descriptions sounds like you then you need a solution – unless you want the situation you're in to continue indefinitely

One version of that solution
is working with me.

I can take you through every step of transitioning successfully from limited-growth small-group yoga teaching to the massively expanded possibilities of Yoga Teaching 3.0. – without you needing to spend any time grappling with tech or trying to figure out which marketing strategy to use and how to implement it.

The service I offer has three parts, all equally important:

1. Content

This includes your high-value content which makes up your online course, membership site or coaching programme, as well as your website content, and sales content, and also possibly blog posts, email marketing copy, and social media content. It can take the form of videos, audios, and text.

2. Infrastructure

This includes your website, teaching portal, marketing pipelines, blog, mailing list, checkout process, community area and analytics. Ideally, all these moving parts need work together seamlessly, as one integrated whole. This is what Kajabi and similar platforms give you. Otherwise you're working with a fragmented piecemeal system that is constantly breaking and draining energy.

3. Marketing

This has its roots deep in your understanding of who you serve, how you help them, and what is unique about your particular solution. When you know these things with crystal clarity then marketing is the simple process of articulating it clearly and patiently through all your content and across your entire infrastructure, and then introducing the rocket fuel of paid advertising into your carefully crafted digital vehicle.

These three combine to form and fuel your vehicle for Yoga Teaching 3.0. Without any one of them present in a well-developed way the whole will be compromised. But when they are all present, then you have a recipe for some seriously expanded possibilities...

The potential for creating income and impact in the online yoga space is enormous, and increasing all the time:

300 Million

That's how many people worldwide practice yoga today. That's a lot of potential students.

$84 Billion

That's how much the global yoga industry is worth today. That's a lot of potential income.


That's the percentage of people who learn yoga online. And that number is growing.


That's how much the yoga industry will grow each year for the next ten years.

All you need are 200 online students paying you £50 per month in order to generate £10,000 per month.

(And by the way, once you reach 200, it's relatively easy to grow to 500!)

I can set-up the infrastructure, help you create the high-value content, and take care of the marketing required to attract and serve those students

Imagine what this level of service and abundance would feel like, and what else in your life would quickly become possible.

Most teachers talk about going deeper into their yoga journey, taking more trainings, expanding the teachings they offer, and spending more time with their family.

Are you ready to embrace these possibilities?

I've created three pricing options to make my service as accessible as possible



Pay nothing afterwards

In this option you pay everything up front, we go through the 12-week set-up process, and you walk away with a fully-functioning online yoga school with nothing else to pay.

This one's for those who can afford it. It's the best value but at the same time it's the biggest outlay and so the least appealing and the most risky for you. However, to minimise that risk I offer a full 100% money back guarantee: Having gone through the 12-week process in a committed way, and carefully followed my post-set-up guidelines, if you don't make your first £15,000 in digital product sales within six months I'll give back your entire initial investment.

Get started

50 / 50


+ £10,000 once you are generating

In this option you pay half up front, we go through the 12-week set-up process, and you pay an additional £10,000 as a percentage of your revenue when your yoga school starts to generate.

This one's for those who would like to be met halfway and are happy to pay more on the backend for the privilege. In this option we share the risk equally up front, and so there's no money-back guarantee on offer. Once you're all set-up and generating you'll pay off the additional £10,000 at a rate of 50% of your digital product sales for as long as it takes (could be as little as 1 month!). During this time you'll have access to me and my team to ensure you have every chance of success.

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+ £20,000 once you are generating

In this option you pay nothing up front, we go through the 12-week set-up process, and you pay £20,000 as a percentage of your revenue when your yoga school starts to generate.

This one's for those who have an especially strong gift to share but no money to invest upfront. In this option the risk is all mine, and so my payment on the backend is the highest of the three. £20,000 will be taken at a rate of 50% of your digital product sales for as long as necessary, during which time you'll have access to me and my team to ensure you have every chance of success. There has to be a lot of synergy between us for me to be able to offer this option.

Get started

The first step towards working with me is to book a consultation to discuss your project

Due to the scale of the commitment on both sides I only take on projects I believe have a genuine chance of succeeding. Please book in a consultation to discuss your project in depth and explore possibilities.

Whether or not we go on to work together our meeting will give you a better understanding of the digital landscape and your options for teaching yoga within it, and clarity about your possible next steps.

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"I was blown away by the clarity I got on the call."
"I felt like you completely saw my vision for where I want to go with my work and your insights and suggestions on how to get there were super helpful. Thank you James."
"Wow! I came away so inspired about creating my meditation community. It was like you unlocked a door that had been closed up and now the energy is just flowing and flowing."
"One of the most useful hours I've spent on my business all year."

What got you here
won't get you there!

To level-up and offer Yoga Teaching 3.0. is going to require an investment of time and resources – there's no getting around that. The service I offer is the best I know of to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of online success. And the thing to remember is that it could pay for itself within the very first month after launch and then go on yielding monthly revenue for years to come. Are you ready to take the leap?

Don't waste any more of your precious time struggling with solutions that don't work 

To succeed online requires a specific set of ingredients. Without these in place you'll always struggle to get the results you want.

1. Strategy

Without a clear and cohesive strategy you'll be fumbling around in the dark wasting time, energy and opportunities with no certainty that you're making progress. Would you set about crossing an unknown country without a map? No. So give yourself a reliable roadmap.

2. Infrastructure

Without a robust and fully integrated infrastructure you'll be hampered in what you can offer, experience ongoing frustrating tech issues and your user experience will be less than ideal. Give yourself the tools you need to succeed.

3. Content

High-quality, well-presented paid content is the core of any profitable online school. But alone it's not enough. Without carefully crafted website and sales content you'll struggle to persuade students to enrol. Set yourself up to win by prioritising your content.

4. Marketing

It's possible to waste a lot of time and money on trying to get visitors through the door, engaging with your sales content, and enrolling on your courses – and still end up with crickets. There is an art and science to generating traffic and conversions. Use it.

My unique service is designed to combine all these ingredients into one holistic solution. No more uncertainty, no more wheelspinning, no more overwhelm.

What you'll get:


A comprehensive strategy for creating a thriving and profitable online yoga school


A beautiful branded website that acts as the outward face of your online school


Website and sales content to engage potential students and convert them into signed-up members

Digital Products

Create a polished, high-value online course, membership site, or coaching programme

Teaching Portal

From your website your members log in to your teaching portal where all your digital resources are available

Community Area

A space inside your teaching portal for your students to interact with you and each other


Kajabi makes it easy to integrate all the moving parts of your digital world and automate your workflows

Payment Processing

Your visitors will easily be able to join your school and pay for your teachings and support


Keep an eye on how many people are visiting your site and how they interact with your content

And lastly, traffic!

A big part of what I do is content and infrastructure. That's most of the features above. But an equally big part is launch marketing. Once your website and virtual school is set up it needs people passing through it, engaging with your content and signing up as members. Without that bit the rest is useless. And so a full third of my service is about creating a successful launch for your school and sending lots of interested visitors to your site.


In addition to all of the above, because I want you to feel fully supported after launch as well as before, I'll set you up with a remote team who can manage tech and admin for you after our work together is complete, so you can continue to stay focused on teaching and supporting your students instead of getting lost in technical and admin tasks.


I'll also set you up to offer high-ticket 1:1 coaching before you even launch your main school, so you can start generating revenue as soon as possible. This could easily bring you in enough revenue to cover the cost of my service before the full set-up is even complete!

Honestly, if you're a yoga teacher serious about expanding online, you've found the Roles Royce of digital services, designed especially for you

Book your initial consultation today and take the first step towards creating the impact and abundance you know is possible >>>

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